Loan Comparator

By using our loan comparator you can compare loan with different sets of data such as amount, tenure and rate of interest. You can click on icon to add another tab of loan calculator and can add as many as tabs you need. On each tab you will get loan calculation and you can view and compare these loans just by navigating to each tab. To delete or remove the tab click on cross icon and that tab with all data will be lost. User can compare as many as loan he/she wants and will able to download and see report for each of the loan tab.

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  • Loan Calculation:

    • Consider example. A person needs loan amounting 2000000 (Two Million) with pay period as 10 years and 4 months at the rate of interest as 9.2% and wants to check monthly installment (EMI). User has to put 2000000 in Loan amount textbox, 10 in years tenure textbox, 4 in months tenure textbox and rate of interest as 9.2. Click on calculate and you will see the emi, total payment that wll be done, annual payment and total interest. Optionally user can put extra payment per month.
    • Extra payment per month has considerable effect in reducing tenure and will be auto calculated. You will see a early payoff row just below Total interest row and can see number of months reduced due to extra payment per month. On changing any value, new projections as per latest data are automatically calculated.
  • PDF reports and Amortization Table:

    • User can download pdf report free of cost for whatever calculations and projections he has done on current screen. You can click on Download pdf button to download the report. Pdf report consists of your returns projection, inputs that has been considered for calculations, pie charts and amortization. Amortization table shows specific returns projection on corresponding month which lies between the tenure entered. By using amortization table user can see projections on any month just by navigating to the row of intended month.
  • Pie Charts:

    • Pie chart graphically describes the investment scenario. It consists of 2 parts or regions. 1st region gives idea about total interest amount that investor will pay over the period of time. 2nd part or region is the loan amount that is taken. Region 1 and 2 is always equals to total amount to be paid. You can click on each region to see the amount and percentage. This pie chart is also available in pdf report.