RD calculator - Recurring Deposit (RD) Calculator

Recurring Deposit (RD) is a type of investment in which fixed amount is invested on monthly basis in banks or other investment companies with fixed rate of interest and tenure. Unlinke SIP this investment scheme offers trivial or low risk as it is not bound to any market volatility. In this scheme at the time of maturity investor is paid back accumulated principal and interest which is compounded as applicable by governing bank or investment company. click on Recurring Deposits to read more about it.

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  • RD Calculation:

    • Consider example: Investor wants to invest 5000 on monthly basis in a bank for 2 years with rate of interest as 7.5% pa and bank offers compounding on quarterly basis. User has to put 5000 in Monthly investment textbox, 2 in period with years as drop down selection and 7.5 as rate of interest. Select compounding as applicable (Quarterly) and click on calculate button.
    • You can now see total principal that is accumulated over 2 years, maturity value and total interest that will be paid after 2 years. On changing any value, new projections as per latest data are automatically calculated.
    • Compounding is the rate at which earnings from capital, capital gains or interest are reinvested. Nowadays compounding is on daily or quarterly basis. It can differ by country, state, investment bank or firm in which investor is investing. Compounding plays key role in growing your money. For longer period of time it gives exponential growth to the invested money and at the end gives handsome earnings.
  • PDF reports and Amortization Table:

    • User can download pdf report free of cost for whatever calculations and projections he has done on current screen. You can click on Download pdf button to download the report. Pdf report consists of your returns projection, inputs that has been considered for calculations, pie charts and amortization. Amortization table shows specific returns projection on corresponding month which lies between the tenure entered. By using amortization table user can see projections on any month just by navigating to the row of intended month.
  • Pie Charts:

    • Pie chart graphically describes the investment scenario. It consists of 2 parts or regions. 1st region gives idea about total interest amount that investor will receive at the end of tenure. 2nd part or region is the principal that is accumulated or invested over the tenure. Region 1 and 2 is always equals to maturity amount. You can click on each region to see the amount and percentage. This pie chart is also available in pdf report.

Comparison matrix of your returns against various years and returns.
Investment period Expected returns
In Years 10 % 12 % 15 % 20 %
Amortization Table for your investment
Month Interest Principal Maturity